Thunderfest 2015

Thunderfest 2015

David Clarke - 175 Honda - 1971The Thunderfest, at the Anglesey Circuit over the weekend of May 30 and 31, is just maybe the best fun in classic motorcycle sport.

Thunderfest is not a race in the sense of flat out, fairing banging but it is the chance for sporting riders to go as fast as they wish, on a race track and without pace marshals, and to test their riding skills to the limit in a safe and friendly way.

Thunderfest is a time trial in which riders can go as fast, or slow, as they wish. It’s absolutely not a race but a test of how close the pilots of these magnificent classic warhorses can get to the speed that they choose.

Riders don’t need a race licence to enter, or a race bike, but they must have one piece, or two piece zipped together, leathers and a pre-1978 bike which is prepared for track use.

Entry forms are available from

Already entered is a huge range of bikes from lightweight Hondas to an original heavy metal A65 BSA, which is still used regularly on the road, and a gaggle of full on Suzuki race bikes of all capacities.

Thunderfest will use the legendary Coastal Circuit at Anglesey which is probably the best track layout at the circuit and is brilliant fun to ride.

There is barely a straight section on the lap and it includes the bottom clenching “Corkscrew” – a sure cure for constipation!

Thunderfest is part of the Welsh Classic Motorcycle Festival which will see two days of track action, trade stands, evening entertainment and much more.

Pre-booked admission is just £10 for the whole weekend and two days camping is £15.00.