Thundersprint 2010 Race and Cavalcade Entries Open

Thundersprint 2010 Race and Cavalcade Entries OpenEntries are now open for Thundersprint 2010. This year’s event sees a new addition to the Thundersprint races which are held on a tight, twisty track right in the town centre of Northwich. As well as the traditional, and much loved, classes for motorcycles made before 1974 there will be a Post Classic Class for more modern machines. This is open to all motorcycles of any age but priority will be given to machines of mechanical interest.

Racers get two practice runs during the morning of the Thundersprint and three race runs in the afternoon.

The Thundersprint track is slightly over 440 yards in length – 400m – and has three corners. The longest straight is just over 110 yards in length and the whole track surface is excellent for racing. The track is easy to ride slowly – and vastly more difficult the faster one goes. Any time under 25 seconds is seriously quick.

The quirky town centre course is safe for “gentleman racers” – whilst still being a real challenge for fast riders

You don’t have to be a superstar to ride in the Thundersprint. Rather, we are looking for riders with a spectator friendly attitude who like showing off their bikes.

Racers get two practice runs in the morning of the Thundersprint and three race runs in the afternoon.

Entry to the Cavalcade is included in the race entry fee.

Racers do not need an ACU sprint/race licence to compete in the Thundersprint but this is desirable.

If you do not have a licence, it is possible to purchase a one-day ACU licence at the event.

Despite increases in the cost of insurance, entry to the Thundersprint races still costs £55.00 – including participation in the Cavalcade.

Entries to the Thundersprint Cavalcade are also available at a cost of £20. Riders cruise round three, 2 ½ mile, laps of Northwich under Police escort whilst tens of thousands of cheering fans line the pavement for what is one of the great experiences in motorcycling.

To receive an invitation to participate, send a large (A4) self-addressed envelope, carrying five first class stamps, to: The Thundersprint, Manley Lane, Manley, Cheshire WA6 0PB. Mark it either THUNDERSPRINT RACE or THUNDERSPRINT CAVALCADE in very large letters.