Thundersprint 2013

Six times World Champion Jim Redman loved the Anglesey track - 2To improve on the standard football quote, the first ever Thundersprint in Anglesey was a game of three halves.

As riders and traders arrived at the beautiful Anglesey circuit on the day before the Thundersprint the biggest danger was sunburn. Next, the Celtic weather Gods decided on a change of plan and ordered up lashing rain and strong winds until lunch-time on Sunday. Then the sun beat down and steam lifted off the amazing 2.1 mile track like the Amazonian rain forest drying out.

Despite the storm, the overwhelming reaction to the new venue was positive. Six times World Champion Jim Redman said: “What a fantastic track. I would have loved to ride this in the dry. It’s got to be one of the best locations anywhere in the world and I am absolutely guaranteed to be here next year.”

Milwaukee Yamaha Superbike star James Ellison said: “I had a great time and I want to come back next year. I just wish the track had been dry and then I could have put on a real show for the fans.”

Classic racer Gary Nathan had travelled from Nottingham and he said: “What a great Thundersprint. I was hoping that it would be a success and it was. The event ran like clockwork with great organisation.

“The track was fantastic and even the weather worked out well in the end.”

Thundersprint organiser, Frank Melling said: “The whole event was better than we could have hoped for. The welcome we have had from the people of Anglesey has been incredible, not to say heart warming, and the efficiency of the Anglesey Circuit showed why they have a well earned world class reputation.

“We were also delighted with the reaction of long time Thundersprint fans who had nothing but praise for the Anglesey circuit.

“The weather wasn’t ideal – Anglesey even does world class rain and winds – but overall it was a great success and even Rolo, the world’s most intelligent sheep, has asked if she can come back next year.”