Yamaha DT125

Time to buy a classic bike – Yamaha DT125

Yamaha DT125We have been following Unit5Motos on their Facebook page for ages, their business plan is simple, stack it high and offer reasonable prices on freshly imported used classic bikes.

There’s been quite a few bikes that we’d loved to have bought, but a mixture of their fast turnaround and our dithering means we need to be more switched on with what we want to buy.

The majority of their bikes are sold unregistered in the UK, it’s an easy enough process if you’ve got the right bits of a paper and a motorcycle capable of passing a MOT.

DT125Having chewed the idea over we think we’ve decided what model we want to buy.

We are watching their Facebook page and will be ready to pounce when the right bike for us shows up.

Meanwhile we just need to keep our biking bucks safe and avoid them ending up being converted into Christmas cash!


DT125 Fairing Panel Yamaha DT classic Yamaha DT125