Top Tips For Storing Your Classic Motorcycle

Owning and caring for a classic bike is sometimes not for the faint hearted. You need to be able to cope with all the responsibilities of owning a brand new bike, with the additional concerns of maintaining vintage metalwork, gears and engines. For this reason, vintage motorcycles tend to get ridden less frequently and repaired more often than their newer counterparts.

Caring For a Classic Bike
Classic motorcycles need a lot more love and attention than new bikes do, which can make them a costly and time consuming investment. To care properly for your classic bike, you need to be prepared to put in a lot of hard work. Vintage motorcycles not only need regular professional maintenance, but also frequent washing, sourcing and replacing parts which may have been discontinued, and keeping your bike out of the elements to avoid rust, which can be deadly.

Storage Options for a Classic Motorcycle
Storing a classic motorcycle can also prove to be more expensive and tricky than storing a new bike. In addition, because of the value of some vintage models, storing your bike properly is just as much a security issue as it is one of maintenance and care.

Winter also spells extra trouble for vintage motorcycles, as they are more susceptible to weather damage. Storing your motorcycle over winter is absolutely imperative, particularly if you live in a location where strong winds, snow and ice are assured.

Storage options for vintage motorcycles include:
• Cycle sheds
• Motorcycle Garages
• Chains and Ground Locks
• Optional Extras, including lighting, heating, wooden floor struts and electrical mounting plates.

Preparing Your Motorcycle for Storage
Your motorcycle needs to be stored properly to reduce the chance of damage occurring whilst it’s stood still. Ideally it needs to be stored with its wheels off the ground, with the spark plugs removed and oil injected into the cylinders, and the fuel drained out of all systems. In addition, your bike needs to be cyclically charged so an electrical mounting plate or trickle charger is a great idea.