Zero electric motorcycle

Train fares getting a pain? Let a Zero electric motorcycle take the strain

Zero electric motorcycleWith Britain’s train fares rising by up to 3.6% today, the biggest increase in five years, owning a Zero electric motorcycle has never made more sense to British commuters.

With running costs as low as 2p per mile and zero exhaust emissions, the simple-to-ride American made motorcycles combine both economical and ecological benefits to the savvy commuter.

As an example, a commuter travelling daily from Gillingham in Kent to central London can expect to pay £4124* per year in train fares, plus £855** for parking in the station car park, while a Zero FXS can take the commuter door-to-door on the same 40-mile journey for less than £420 worth of electricity over the year.

With PCP prices starting at £207.47*** per month (based on 18,000 miles per annum), a government grant of £1500 towards the purchase price, and nominal servicing costs, electric motorcycle commuting can be had for less £2500 per annum (plus insurance costs).

“Not only are electric motorcycles great fun to ride, they are increasingly making sense for a number of commuters,” said Dale Robinson, Zero Motorcycles UK country manager. “For 2018, we’re seeing a 10% increase in range on all Zero motorcycles, meaning that some of the bikes in our range can do over 220 miles on a single charge. On top of that, the government has committed to developing the electric vehicle charging infrastructure, in addition to the £1500 grant for purchasers of new bikes. Our bikes are also exempt from road tax and the London congestion charge, while employees who charge their bikes at work benefit from having no benefit in kind for the electricity they use. As the world’s leading manufacturer of electric motorcycles, we are also working with finance and insurance partners to develop a range of retail options to make it as easy as possible for commuters to go electric in 2018.”

Prices for the Zero range start at £8990 (inclusive of UK Government Office for Low Emissions Vehicles grant). For information on the full Zero range and details of dealerships, please visit