Universal Deburring Set from Laser Tools

Universal Deburring Set from Laser Tools

Universal Deburring Set from Laser ToolsThis Universal Deburring Set from Laser Tools (part number 7291) is ideal for engineers, mechanics, plumbers or any tradesman that requires various deburring tools. It includes four different deburring blades packaged into one handy tool.

Two curved blades are included, ideal for curved and straight edge work. The black passivated blade is manufactured from SUJ2 high-carbon chromium alloy steel, for extreme wear resistance — it is especially suitable for steel, aluminium and plastic. The brown passivated blade is HSS (high-speed steel), its hardness making it suitable for brass, cast iron and stainless steel work. These two blades are mounted onto the tool with quick-connect chucks, and two lengths of mounting shaft are provided (40mm & 64mm) to suit the job in hand.

The straight deburring blade is also manufactured from SUJ2 steel and is ideal for tool and die work, or even deburring a vehicle brake pipe after forming a new flare. The counter-sunk blade is great for deburring drilled holes in sheet metal (particularly in alloy) and is suitable for hole diameters from 1.00mm to 10.4mm. The cranked mounting shaft makes for easy work. The countersink angle is 90°. All tools lock into the open or closed positions. The tool handle is rubber-faced for grip and comfort.

This is the only deburring tool you will need, and typically priced at £83.21 (price includes VAT). Remember to check for the best prices and special offers.

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