Meteor 350 with Ventura Evo-22 Jet-Stream

Ventura Luggage for Royal Enfield Meteor

Light, compact and cost-effective luggage for the popular Royal Enfield Meteor.

Meteor owners need never be short of space again, with Ventura’s Evo Luggage now available for the popular new model.

Ideal for the compact cruiser, the Evo system adds carrying capability without the extra weight and unsightly racking of hard luggage, and with much more stability and practicality than traditional soft bags.

It’s super easy to fit: just fix the discreet, tailor-made L-Brackets to existing mounting points on the rear subframe, and slot on the Evo Rack – you now have a stable and secure platform for your choice of Pack.

Forget fiddly straps or keys, Evo Packs just slide on and clip in place – the sleeve fitting means it won’t move while riding. And when luggage isn’t needed, the Rack comes off in seconds, leaving only the L-Brackets in place – an optional Grab Handle can be fitted instead.

Packs come in various sizes – 12-60 litres – and are made from water-resistant and durable laminated ballistic fabric, with wide openings for quick and easy access and aerodynamic shaping.

The popular Evo-22 Jet-Stream (£130.00 inc VAT) is ideal for the Meteor, with enough capacity for a night or two away, yet still ultra compact and easy to handle. L-Brackets and Evo Rack for the Meteor 350 sell for £253.00 inc VAT.

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