Watsonian Squire Triumph Bonneville outfit

Watsonian Squire Triumph Bonneville outfit by Altamura

Watsonian Squire Triumph Bonneville outfit by AltamuraBritish craftsmanship and engineering are alive and well, as the Belstaff Bonneville sidecar outfit proves. Created for a British customer to ride in the South of France, this unique combination blends the limited edition Belstaff Bonneville built by Triumph (in Hinckley) with a hand-built Watsonian GP 700 sidecar (made in the Cotswolds); the matching paintwork is by Altamura Concepts of Surrey, the design house that painted the original bikes for Triumph.

In 2008 Belstaff, the leading designer of motorcycling fashion, created a Limited Edition design Triumph Bonneville in black and gold to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the model. Powered by a fuel injected, air cooled, 865cc parallel twin that still delivers that unique Triumph sound and feeling, the Bonneville is a perfect match for the classic lines of Watsonian’s GP sidecar range.

Watsonian Squire is one of the few survivors of the British motorcycle industry. Founded in 1912 the company continues to manufacture sidecars in the Heart of England, still hand built by British craftsmen. The GP 700 sidecar has modern suspension and glass fibre body, but with large wire spoke wheel and alloy nose strips to evoke the style of the era when British motorcycles dominated the world.

Altamura (www.altamura.co.uk or tel. 01276 61650) is a young business that specialises in motorcycle and custom paintwork, with a reputation as an innovator in the industry and a client list including Damian Hirst, Ewan McGregor, Puma and Virgin. They colour matched the sidecar to the motorcycle.

Prices for the Watsonian GP 700 sidecars similar to the one pictured start at £3385 (colour matched paintwork is an optional extra). A full factory fitting service, with tuition for novice drivers, is also available. Contact Watsonian-Squire on 01386 700907 or visit www.watsonian-squire.com.