Honda RVF750 poster

We all love a classic bike poster, this lot got us all excited

We all love a poster, it was one of the first rebellious things we would have done in our teenage years, sticking drawing pins through each corner of the poster and attaching it to our bedroom wall. Stickers have exactly the same lure, that’s why when this lot arrived at the lock up we all downed tools and gave them our undivided attention. This is a lifetimes collection, it ranges from the late 70s through to the late 90s. In other words the golden era of motorcycle racing. There’s fancy GP posters right down to brochures for race meetings at some of the UK’s less glamorous circuits. Every poster is unused, there’s no drawing pin holes of signs of sellotape. I was quickly consumed by the bags of tubes and every one that I unraveled was an instant memory creator. Be it the bikes, the faces or the venue each poster made me smile out loud, and then rush to get my hands on the next one, I was just like that annoying kid at christmas that we all know, the one that tears off the wrapping paper at a 100mph.

I will be selling these, there’s plenty of them so it’s going to take me a while to catalogue them. Here’s a few of my faves so far!

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