Welcome to the cheap seats ~ Suzuki GSX-R750M

Recently passing through our hands was this Suzuki GSX-R750M.

Behind that one-off Fosters paint job lurks a pretty original bike.

There can’t be too many oil cooled GSX-Rs with only 2 previous owners? The original purchaser sold the bike two years after buying it new in 1991. Since 1993 it’s had the same keeper. The 11,000 miles are totally genuine, which is a nice touch! GSXR-750M

In 2008 the bike came off the road and was garaged. The years ticked by until last year when he set about waking up the sleeping Suzuki.

The carbs weren’t having any of it though and despite ordering a carb rebuild kit and stripping the bank of Mikuni’s down, he lost enthusiasm and sold the bike on.

Suzuki GSXR750MDespite being a great bike to break for parts, we decided to give it a few weeks grace and offered it for sale to project hunters. Two weeks passed by with nothing more than virtual chancers texting low ball bids, none of which were accepted. In this virtual world it’s often the case that if someone makes the effort to take a look, they will usually buy it. A combination of an honest advert and a buyer that is serious tends to end in a positive outcome for both parties.

The upshot is that this GSX-R is now the property of a top bloke that plans to sort the carbs out and then get her up and running. We do love a happy ending.