We’ve bought another bike!

Honda CBR600FL What better day to introduce you to our latest purchase for our Classic Motorbikes Net website.

Exactly 28 years ago someone out there rode this brand new Honda CBR600FL away from Guildford Honda, maybe it was you?

Since the 19th June 1990 it’s clocked up just under 13,000 miles and we are the 8th keeper to supply our details to the DVLA for G748 WPF.

I picked the bike up earlier in the month, a classic case of a rose tinted spectacle moment when surfing on that well known auction site.

For a bike that’s almost three decades old it’s in pretty damn fine condition, though my heart did skip a bit of a beat when the seller told me the tale of when it had caught fire in his garage!

Thankfully it didn’t do any major or lasting damage. Could you imagine the mess if all of that plastic had melted!

1990 Honda CBR600F BrochureThe thing that I love about this CBR600FL is just how standard it is. From the standard exhaust and silencer to the ridiculously long rear mudguard the 1990 Honda CBR600Fbike is a time warp example.

The condition of the bike is stunning, that bold red, white and blue looks mega! It’s all very patriotic in a way, shame that in the same month that this bike was registered England got dumped from the World Cup at Italia 1990.

We’re coming home, we’re coming home…or something like that?

The song topping the June 1990 charts was ‘World in motion’ sadly it wasn’t about the joys of motorcycling, instead it was about the Eng-ger-land footy team.

It’s scary to think that all of these nostalgic memories still feel like they happened yesterday.

Once I’ve added the bike to my Peter James classic policy ( yes that is a subtle plug )and applied my VJMC sticker ( no I am not joking ) I am looking forward to getting out on the jelly mould and revisiting my youth. I had a few of these in my younger years and each one never failed to impress me, here’s hoping that this birthday boy doesn’t disappoint!

CBR600F 1990 CBR600F 1990 Honda CBR600F 1990 Honda CBR600F