150 quid

We’ve sold our first bike, read all about here in Scabby to Slabby Part 2

CZ125I now have £150 burning a hole in my pocket, having advertised my freebie CZ125 online my buyer arrived yesterday morning to collect his new bike. It was a friendly transaction and he even arrived with biscuits! That’s my type of deal. We clicked the kettle on and exchanged tales, after about half an hour we turned our attention to the CZ125. There wasn’t much more that I could add, those thumbnail photos and my honest advert left no room for any disappointment. The buyer had confessed he’s got a soft spot for these iron curtain wonders, he wasn’t kidding! He also bought a MZ125 last week to go with the various Jawa bikes he’s already snapped up. With another shortbread biscuit consumed the deal was concluded. I waved him off after loading it up, then set to work to see where I can reinvest my £150. Twenty four hours on and I’m still no nearer spending it, bugger! I will keep on looking and you’ll be the first to know when I find the next bike in our Scabby to Slabby challenge.