Yamaha R1

What we want to buy today – Yamaha R1 5JJ

Yamaha YZF-R1 5JJThere can’t be too many one owner Yamaha R1 bikes out there, let alone any of those early 4XV and this the 5JJ model. The asking price for this R1 was only £3,000, we say ‘only’ because two weeks ago I stood next to an original 4XV model that changed hands for exactly £5,000. If you like your bikes standard it’s OK, the seller said he still had most of the original bits at home in his shed. Condition wise the bike was great, sure there was scope for some improvements if you like getting the nitty gritty bits sparkling again.

The 4XV steals all the emotion at the moment, but we’re confident here at classic-motorbikes.net that love will extent to the last carb fed R1, and that’s the 5JJ.

Yamaha R1 5JJ