Yamaha TRX850

What we want to buy today – Yamaha TRX850

TRX850Many of us buy motorcycles with good intentions, to pamper it and use it on a regular basis. Often those best laid plans lay in ruins. That’s the long and short of this Yamaha TRX850 that we’d like to buy today.

Tony from Unit5motos sells lots of bikes, but not everything he buys getting sold on. That’s how he ended up with two TRX850s, he’s realised that it’s time to let this one go. Here’s some info Tony told us. “It is a UK bike, two owners from new. Originally sold by John’s of Romford. The original owner had it for many years. 2nd owner bought it from him after it had been in storage for a few years. He just sold it onto me. I went over it when I bought it, cleaned the carbs out and it runs well. I’ve never had it on the road either, just not had time to ride it. So time to let it go. Has only 11k miles on it. Very nice condition except some of the paint has come off the engine casing and fork legs, also some nuts and bolts have gone rusty. It would not take much to clean it right up. Comes with a new battery and can get it MOT’d for the buyer. £2295”