350 YPVS Lambretta

What we’d like to buy today – 350 YPVS Lambretta!

Lambretta that’s been fitted with a 350 YPVS engineThis is what we’d like to buy today. Can you imagine the fun you could have on this?

It’s a Lambretta that’s been fitted with a 350 YPVS engine.

Frank Sanderson of Lambretta Innovations did all the engineering and manufacturing of parts, the engine was tuned and rebuilt by Gary Vardy Racing in Swindon. She was set up on the dyno by Jerome at Readspeed Scooters and it is giving 62Bhp…yes 62Bhp!

She runs two radiators, the bottom one has an electric fan, so there is no worries about over heating, a common problem with this type of conversion. Disc brakes front and rear allow for superb braking, adjustable front and rear suspension make the handling as sweet as you can expect from a scooter and the hand made Swarbrick copy exhausts give that lovely cackle that only a tuned 2 stroke can emit.

Lambretta 350 YPVSShe has a SIP electronic speedo which shows speed and temperature and it works absolutely correctly and is as accurate as you’d expect and she goes like absolute s**t off a shovel! Literally she puts tuned TS1’s to bed in third gear and there are six gears to flick through.