Wipe and shine with Diamondbrite – The Review

Diamondbrite Waterless Detailer Diamondbrite Waterless Detailer can be used to clean a bike quickly and to a high-shine, without the need for a hose, bucket or any water whatsoever. Great for busy commuters, tourers and anyone with limited time or access to water.

Messy and time-consuming, a full ‘wet’ wash of a motorcycle often involves applying cleaner, scrubbing, rinsing, drying and polishing, enough to put off many riders from doing it altogether, especially if the machine only has a light covering of dirt.

Using Diamondbrite Waterless Detailer, a lightly-soiled machine can be cleaned in three quick and easy steps:

  1. Spray a light covering of Waterless Detailer onto the bike, one area at a time.
  2. Wipe off the dirt with a thick pile microfibre cloth
  3. Buff with a clean and dry microfibre cloth to finish and add a high shine

First breaking down the dirt, by reducing the surface tension and stickiness of the particles, Waterless Detailer then holds those particles within a microscopic layer, preventing contact with the surface being cleaned and reducing the risk of scratching.

Blended and bottled within the company’s UK manufacturing hub. Diamondbrite Waterless Detailer comes in a 500ml trigger bottle for easy application, and retails at £9.60 including VAT.

It’s also included in the After Care Pack supplied with each application of Diamondbrite Motorcycle Pro – the first fully-guaranteed fluorocarbon polymer paint protection system specifically for motorcycles.

The Review

We tested this detailer on our recently purchased and very grubby Honda Firestorm (as you can see), it has about five months of carefully applied ‘barn dust’ to remove!

Directions – squirt and wipe, pretty simple! 

Very easy to apply, grime is removed straight away and a shiny finish is achieved in just moments, all plastics and stainless exhausts were gleaming with little effort.

Affordable stocking filler for the petrolhead in your life! 

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