Xena Ground Anchor Review

Xena Ground Anchor Review

Xena Ground Anchor

Xena Ground Anchor

Motorcycle theft in the UK is a big issue and the harder you make it for the thieves the more likely they are to look elsewhere, so don’t underestimate them and invest a few quid in protecting your pride and joy! You should spend as much as you can afford on motorcycle security, why spend thousands on a motorcycle yet buy a 12 quid chain, it’s a false economy!

The XGA requires just one bolt to fix it in place – no drilling multiple holes or lining up fiddly templates – yet is just as strong as anchors using a multi-bolt fitting. It is so tough that it has been awarded the Gold Standard by SoldSecure*, the highest grade possible.

Fitting could not be simpler. Simply drill the hole, assemble the anchor, push the bolt into the drilled hole and then turn the anchor until the unique torsion-controlled bolt holder within the device ‘clicks’, indicating that the unit is correctly installed. No spanners required!

It can be fixed to a wall or floor, inside or outside, and has a ‘fold flat’ design so it won’t get in the way when not in use. The low profile means it can also be ridden over easily, so it can be installed in narrow passageways or in a garage floor.

The XGA’s base rotates freely through 360 degrees, so chains and locks can be passed through the shackle easily, without having to manoeuvre the motorcycle into position. The swivel design also makes it incredibly difficult to get a purchase with a cutter or levering device. Combined with the extra thick shackle, it will resist the most determined of

Tools Required

  • Hammer drill.
  • 20mm masonry drill bit.
  • Crowbar or length of steel pipe.

The Xena XGA costs just £50 (including VAT) and is ideal for securing motorcycles, trailers, quad bikes and more.

The Review

Fitting is simple, although we suspect the average motorcyclist doesn’t own an SDS drill and a 20mm masony drill bit! Drilling down to 150mm with a 20mm is a challenge not to be underestimated but it’s easily the hardest piece of the installation process.

We tested the ground anchor with a 17mm Almax chain but this is probably the largest chain you could use with the Xena ground anchor.

Visit Xena’s video on you tube for a useful demonstration on how strong it really is, IMPRESSIVE!

Recommended, an absolute must for all motorcyclists!