Yamaha RD250 LC

Yamaha RD250LC. Panic buying at CB.Net

Yamaha RD250 LCThe best time to find something is when you’re not looking for it. This dusty old Yamaha RD250LC arrived into my life earlier this week, weird considering that I had no intentions of buying anything other than loo roll, bread and Monster Munch with the Coronavirus taking hold on the UK, and further afield.

The trail that lead to my non essential purchase was pure happenstance.

A mate of mine had heard of a chap that had a bike for sale, usually these scenarios turn into a fruitless wild goose chase, but every so often the stars align and deals take place.

My chum had no interest in buying the bike himself, but kindly put my number forward to the potential vendor.

All I had to go on was four little photos that beamed back from my iphone. To get the attention of my possible seller I attached a very keen cash offer to my phone number. Bingo, the next day my phone rings.

I buy motorcycles for a living, the best way to clinch a deal is to make any transaction painless. After a 10 minute phone call my new best mate gave me the life story of his Yamaha RD250LC, we concluded with a verbal handshake and a deal was done.

Yamaha RD250 LC tax discI sent a courier to go Southampton and fetch it for me the next day. It was only when he pinged me a few photos over pre loading it up that I got a clear picture of my ‘new’ bike.

I was well pleased. So what made me buy a nigh on 40 year old non running two stroke without even seeing it? I have had loads of LC’s over the years, back in the late 80s I ran several to get me about, then in the 90s I went self employed and opened a bike breakers, the LC models were often offered by me to the god of used parts. I dread to think of how many 4L1 and 4L0 models along with YPVS bikes got hung, drawn and quartered by my toolkit. I’ve bought a few in this millennium but the breaking opportunities for LCs have dried up massively. It’s ok, don’t loose your shit, I’m not going to break this one.

The plan is to wake it up from its 30 year slumber, having spent three decades in a garage they’ll be plenty to keep me occupied in Boris Johnson’s enforced lockdown.

With only 18,000 miles under its bores and three owners from new, you won’t be surprised to learn that this Y reg LC is in pretty much all original condition, right down to the centre stand, exhausts and mirrors!

Yamaha RD250 LC supplied by Alec Bennett LtdEven better, it shows no signs of ever being slung up the road. Originally purchased by a policeman the supplying dealer sticker is still in place on the front mudguard, he sold it on to son of the bloke I just purchased it from. A grand total of three keepers from new, and two of those were related. The fact that it’s a UK spec bike broadens its appeal to those that like that sort of detail, sending those characters into a frenzy is it’s still sporting it’s matching frame and engine numbers. I was just chuffed it hadn’t lobbed a drive chain through the crankcases, a common flaw to many a set of cases.

Given its lengthy lay up the overall condition is pretty decent, and it will respond well to some bullshitting. With the news on the garage radio reminding me of what a crazy period we are in the arrival of my LC should keep me occupied during the coming weeks, if not months! I will of course update you via the website, and also be washing my hands on a regular basis!