Yamaha TDR250

Yamaha TDR250 – The Ultimate Dual? We think so.

TDR250The Yamaha TDR250 is probably more popular now then when it was a current model. This bike arrived in Ella Middleton’s life 4 years back, it consisted of a rolling chassis and three boxes of bits. Ella got down to business and other than a missing generator there was enough bits to create a fully functioning motorcycle. This was never going to be a faithful restoration, just incase you haven’t sussed that out already.

The stripy paint work was inspired by a couple bikes that had been featured in Performance Bikes magazine many years ago. Wemoto came up trumps with fresh consumables for the TDR250 with a twist. Dream machine handled the multicoloured ribbon spray job and other than a quest for a rear suspension linkage it all came good without too much aggro. Those fat spoke wheels help to give the TDR250 a chance on track days, a sticky combo of a 120/70/17 up front and a 150/60/17 at the back make it easier to find tyres to help exploit the bikes potential.

Yamaha TDR250 paintworkWe love this bike, it’s not too far removed from what a TDR250 is, yet it looks unlike any other bike out on classic show circuit. The fact it gets used on the road and the track confirms that this TDR250 really is The Ultimate Dual.


TDR250 engine TDR250