Yamaha TZR125 – From our garage

Yamaha TZR125 2RKLazy Sunday afternoon. picked up this Yamaha TZR125 earlier in the month, with one thing and another this is the first chance that I’ve had to get to know it. With temperatures nudging 30 degrees outside it was actually cooler in the garage, so I set about having a prod and a poke. I bought the bike blind from another bike trader, we’ve known each other ages so it was a little awkward trying to negotiate a price that we both agreed on. He wanted £1,195, I ideally would’ve liked to have secured it at £900. After a few texts back and forth we cracked a deal. Ninety five ten pound notes later it arrived, he even dropped it off on his way to Cadwell Park, thank you Tony!

TZR125 EngineMy initial impressions were positive, in return for my money I now have a UK spec Yamaha TZR125 2RK. It’s never been restored and it starts up with the gentlest of prods on its kickstart. It’s on the G reg, under the grime it’s a fairly honest bike. Having been a learner bike there’s no end of dings and dongs adorning its paintwork. I eventually wheel it outside and grab a bucket of soapy water, the crud was well ground in, after slapping a sponge in and out the bucket for ten minutes you would struggle to see that I’d actually washed it. I might need to get something more aggressive than Fairy Liquid. Giving the TZR a scrub did allow me to get a closer look. The forks are oil tight and free from any pitting, both tyres look ok and even the chain looks fresh. The original indicators are still present, although all four show war wounds to their bodies.

TZR125 TankThere’s an assortment of keys, again to be expected on a teenagers bike. So what’s the plan Stan? We want to get a few bikes together for the garage. We will use these bikes for riding, shoot some video for the website and generally have some tinkering time with them. I think that a 125cc bike is a perfect starting point, if you’ve ever owned a TZR125 feel free to get in touch, we’d love to see your old photos and hear your tales.