Yamaha TZR125

Yamaha TZR125 – I’m a survivor!

TZR125 engineWe all remember our first 125cc road bike, mine wasn’t a Yamaha TZR125. By the time Yamaha had launched this model I had ditched my L pales and was riding around on proper big bikes.

Plenty of my friends bought these tiddler two strokes and you can’t deny that they looked the part, especially outside the chippy. Finding classic 125s can be tricky, many of those 80s and 90s L plate bikes are back in fashion. A minty RD125LC will set you back a minimum of £3,000. Restoring one doesn’t come much cheaper, prices for certain used parts defy belief, it’s mostly bodywork parts that create a biding frenzy. The TZR125 and its peers are the next big thing in small classic bikes. We’ve just bought this survivor! It’s a genuine naked model, they appear to be harder to find than the more common fully faired model.

Last taxed in 1999! There’s no signs of any restoration work having been done to our bike, it doesn’t look like it’s seen a soapy wash for a few years either, lovely!

It does run, and all of the electrics appear to be working too. The bodywork shows evidence of the odd topple or two, sadly the silencer also isn’t dent free. Under the dirt and dents lurks a very original motorcycle, this is exactly what we look for when buying a survivor.