Zero electric motorcycle

Zero electric motorcycle pounds the beat at Isle of Man TT

Zero electric motorcycleMotorcyclists visiting the iconic Isle of Man TT were greeted with the sight, but not the sound, of an innovative addition to the island’s police fleet during TT fortnight – a specially developed police version of the electrically powered Zero DS.

American company Zero is the market leader in electric motorcycles and the Zero DS combines 110Nm of torque, a near 100mph top speed and a range to empty of over 80 miles in mixed conditions. Zero motorcycles offer instantaneous acceleration, near silent operation, ultra-low maintenance and running costs that equate to pennies per mile, making them a popular choice for police, security and military services around the world. The DS used on the Isle of Man was converted by Coventry-based Woodway Engineering and features 360 degree blue lights with a yellow and blue high resolution livery meeting Home Office standards. It was the first time a Zero has been used for police work in the British Isles.

The Isle of Man Constabulary trialled the bike during the famous racing festival, held between 27 May and 9 June, utilising it on patrols and for PR duties throughout the fortnight. Constable Andrew Greaves, who rode the Zero DS, commented: “I’ve been very impressed with the Zero and the way in which it performs and handles. It has certainly created a lot of interest. The bike has drawn a crowd wherever we’ve gone and there have been a lot of questions from members of the public. I’ve enjoyed riding the Zero and I can certainly see where the silent running of an electric motorcycle can bring big benefits when out on patrol.”

The environmentally friendly nature of a Zero makes it perfect for patrolling and investigating public parks, beaches and forests, as well as densely populated city streets. The Zero is also perfectly placed to carry out stealth patrols, where silence is a distinct advantage.

Umberto Uccelli, Managing Director of Zero Motorcycles Europe, commented: “The British Government has already sent out a strong message by extending its plug-in grant to include motorcycles and we are very pleased to see a Zero being utilised by a police force in the British Isles. As well as selling our products to members of the public, a large part of our business comes from providing motorcycles to authorities around the world. In addition to our home country of the United States, Zeros are being used by authorities all across Europe, including in France, Italy and Germany. We are finding that our products play an important role in a wide range of applications. The clean and silent running is not only an advantage in stealth situations, but also in the city and countryside, where it is important not to disturb residents or wildlife. The use of electric vehicles also sends out a strong message with regards to environmental responsibility. After the successful trial in the Isle of Man, we now look forward to working with police forces around the UK and invite them to see our products and assess a Zero for themselves.”